Last Exile

Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing character
Ōrang aboard the Admirari.
First appearance Light Square
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Jun Fukuyama
Japanese name オーラン
Gender Male
Nationality Ades Federation
Occupation Commander of the Admirari
General of the Third Fleet

Premier of the Ades Federation

Ōrang is one of the five leading generals of the Ades Federation. Although Ōrang has a calm and level-headed demeanour, his patriotism for his country can rival or even surpass that of the other four generals.

He commands the Ades Third Fleet, which, as a balanced unit, maximises their role by taking up formation alongside the Fourth Fleet to serve as advance guard.

He wonders what kind of peace Luscinia Hafez means after destroying Glacies' land and he also starts to doubt him.

On the episode Automaton, he joins the rebel forces by attacking and decimating the Fourth fleet with the Ades Third Fleet for he has gone on his own ways told by Sorush.

During the final episode of Fam the Silverwing Orang became Luscinia Hafez's successor as the Premier of the Ades Federation.


  • His name is Indonesian for man or person.