Last Exile

The Ades Third Fleet in the invasion of Glacies

The Ades Third Fleet is one of the major five fleets of the Ades Federation Navy. Its flagship is the Admirari (also known as the Jagganath), which is commanded by Ōrang.

The Third Fleet is a well balanced fleet, specializing in the general confrontation of an enemy in a campaign. The Third Fleet is mostly seen operating with the Fourth Fleet. It is first to recieve an upgrade of weapons such as a long range cannon and the Federation's newest anti-vanship weapon, rapid fire wide angle cannons. This allows the Third Fleet to engage previously unassailable forces, including the high-altitude settlements of the Sky Pirates and the highly maneuverable Rocket Fighters of Glacies.


The Third fleet was one of the major participating fleet during the Federation's assault on Glacies, along with the fourth fleet it decimated most of the Glacian Rocket Fighters but also suffered heavy lossed along with the fourth and second fleet due to the Glacian Exile's defense tentacles striking them.

Later the third fleet would be joining the Allied rebellion perpetrated by Vasant.


The third fleet comprises of standard modern battleships designed for ship-ship engagements, lately they have have become the anti-vanship fleet of the navy along with the fourth fleet.