Last Exile
The Admirari preparing to engage in combat against Sky Pirate
(Ades Federation)
Name Admirari
Japanese name アドミラリー
Nickname Jagannath
General characteristics
Class and type Ades-type battleship

The Admirari, also known as the Jagannath, is a ship in the Ades Federation fleet. It is the head of the Ades Third Fleet with Ōrang as its commander.

The design of Admirari and Senapati is very similar to each other including an slimmer and longer bow and a frontal rotary propeller tread protector as well as the stern profile. However, it is unknown if the Admirari can also attain a speed as fast as the Senapati.



  • "Admirari" is Latin for admire, astonish, or surprise. Its most famous usage is the Latin phrase, "Nihil admirari" which means "to be surprised by nothing."
  • "Jagannath" is the name of a Hindu god, who is considered an aspect of Vishnu or Krishna. It means master of the universe in Sanskrit. This name is the origin of the word "juggernaut".
  • The Funimation subtitles of episode 19, Queening Square, mistakenly refer to the Admirari as the "Admiraly".