Last Exile

Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing character
Alauda aboard the Impetus
First appearance Open File
Last appearance Queening Square
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese: Masaya Matsukaze
English: Christopher Bevins
Japanese name アラウダ
Gender Male
Nationality Guild

As the Federation of Ades' top intelligence agent, Alauda reports directly to Luscinia Hāfez. Involved in secret intelligence, assassinations, and so forth, he supports Luscinia's military rule from the shadows.

Alauda was later killed by Dio Eraclea when he and his assassins tried to infiltrate the Silvius for the second time.


At first when Alauda was seen during the Grand Race, he was quite talkative compared to the more introverted Luscinia. Alauda was also shown to be quite friendly and socially acute, as seen when he kept advising Luscinia not to frighten young Millia with his somber look and smile instead. He was also seen smiling briefly while explaining Luscinia's inept attitude to Farahnāz Augusta. But 10 years later when he reappeared in the series, it seemed as if Luscinia and he swapped their personalities; the more introverted Luscinia was now much more sociable to the point of becoming an expert politician, whereas Alauda, who used to be more sociable than Luscinia, has become a more silent assassin, to the point that he is rarely seen talking. Unlike before, he doesn't advice Luscinia in his work anymore, and instead serves as his loyal servant. Alauda also barely shows any emotions; he had the same expressionless look he always wears even at the moment of his death.


  • Alauda is named after the skylark of the same name.
  • Alauda has the Greek alphabet 'Ψ' (Psi) engraved on his forehead. The reason is unknown.
  • It is highly implied in the series that Alauda is the twin brother of Luscinia. But it is never directly mentioned.


  • "Be careful, Luscinia. You're frightening her." (To Luscinia)
  • "Should one of us fall then the other will continue till the very end. That's how we atone for the sin of surviving that day 10 years ago." (To Luscinia)
  • "Luscinia wishes a word with you." (To Millia)
  • "A scion of the White." (To Dio)