Last Exile

Anatoray and Disith Battle Ships

The Alliance is an organization formed by Anatoray and Disith to overthrow the Guild.


After becoming Empress of Anatoray, Sophia Forrester proposes peace with Disith so they can unite against their common enemy, Maestro Delphine Eraclea of the Guild. The Alliance combines a large force of Anatoray warships and Disith warships into a single fleet, which Sophia commands from the Silvana. She also begins recruiting as many vanship pilots as possible. At Horizon Cave, former couriers and racers practice making torpedo runs against the remains of an old Guild Presence Ship, stolen years ago by Marius Bassianus.

Though Maestro Delphine is aware that the Alliance is plotting against her, she is initially unconcerned. The Guild has never before been threatened by rebellion because it is capable of recalling the Claudia Unit of any ship that opposes it, instantly sinking them. However, the next stage of Sophia's plan is for the musketeers from the Anatoray and Disith warships to assault their own Claudia Units. By the time Delphine gives the order for all Claudia Units to be recalled, the Alliance has captured a substantial number of Claudia Units, giving them a fleet with which to oppose the Guild.

In the first battle between the Guild and the Alliance, the Guild Battle Ships prove technologically superior, capable of withstanding direct hits from the Alliance warship cannons. However, the vanship squadrons are able to destroy many of the Guild Battle Ships by infiltrating them and torpedoing them from within. The Maestro orders all of the Guild forces to fall back to the Grand Stream, where Exile begins striking down Alliance and Guild warships without distinction.

The final battle occurs over Disith, as Exile approaches its cradle. The fight becomes a bloody war of attrition; the Alliance loses over a quarter of its ships, and the Guild fleet is reduced to Maestro Delphine's flagship. The Silvana is finally able to shoot down the Maestro's flagship by making a suicidal charge through Exile's defenses; the arrival of Claus Valca with Alvis E. Hamilton and the 4 Mysteria then allows the Alliance to take control of Exile, winning the war.

Upon returning to Earth the Alliance formed into the United Kingdom of Anatoray-Disith.

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