Last Exile
Anatoray Scout Airship
An Anatoray Scout Airship at the Third Battle of Minagith
Name Anatoray Scout Airship
Japanese name アナトレー偵察飛行船
Nickname Schneewind
General characteristics
Length 30.78 m (101 ft)
Beam 9.97 m (32.7 ft)
Height 20.42 m (67 ft) including vertical mast
Propulsion 300 hp
Speed 70 knots (129.6 km/h; 80.6 mph)
Complement 14
Aircraft carried 1 to 2 vanships
Aircraft facilities 2 mooring arms
Notes Maximum take-off weight is 6,000 kg (13,227.7 lbs) with a maximum flight time of 48 hours

The Anatoray Scout Airship is an Anatoray vessel designed to observe naval battles. It is relatively small; it is not clear whether it uses a Claudia Unit or whether it has an independent Claudia engine like vanships. The airship possesses no weapons, but has a dock for a vanship. The ship can dispatch this vanship to relay crucial information about the observations of the battle as quickly as possible. Unlike the Guild, which has long-range communicators, Anatoray has to rely on vanship courrier to carry news.

At the Third Battle of Minagith, one of them was observing on behalf of the Emperor. When the Disith gained the advantage with a surprise attack, the ship dispatched the vanship to inform him. This news led the Emperor to decide that Alvis E. Hamilton would no longer be safe from the Guild in the Imperial Capital. Her gave the order for her to be transferred to the Silvana, thus kicking off the primary plot of the series.


The Greek characters ΡΕΧΟΝΝΑΙΣΕ ΣΗΙΠ ΝΟ ΩΕΑΠΟΝ on the side of the ship are a transliteration of "RECONNAISE SHIP NO WEAPON". It can be presumed that it goes against naval regulations to fire on an unarmed combatant. Since the Reconaissance Ship spends a lot of time at battles, it is in the ship's interest to very clearly announce the fact that it is only an observer.