Last Exile
Anshar at the head of the First Fleet
(Ades Federation)
Name Anshar
Sunk G.D?, Glacies border
Raised G.D?
Captured G.D?, by Sky Pirate
General characteristics
Class and type Ades Battleship

The Anshar is a ship in the Ades Federation fleet. It is the head of the Ades First Fleet with Sadri as its commander.

By comparison to other fleet flagships the Anshar seems to be an upgraded version of old federal battleships as it shares with them its bow and stern profile, as well as the bridge configuration: the Anshar has a multi level bridge connected by stairs with the commander's post at the top - a common feature of an old federal ship, in contrast to the bridge of other flagships such as Impetus, Raktavija, Admirari, and Senapati.


Anshar was sunk by Fam Fan Fan and Millia while attempting to capture the Silvius, then captured after the crew abandoned it, the captain preferred to abandon ship rather than let an experienced crew die.

Eventually it became Millia's temporary battleship.

It should be noted with humor, perhaps the reason these old ships were put out of use was because of the very flaw used by Fam and Millia to sink it.  A single projectile from the navigators small launcher was enough to bring down the ship.  (If someone could add this as a note to the "Old battle ship" post as well, i would be greatful)


Under the Sky Pirates


  • In Akkadian mythology, Anshar (also spelled Anshur), which means "sky pivot" or "sky axle", is a sky god.
  • In Arabic, Anshar (Also spelled Ansar) means "helpers" as a noun and "the one that loves everybody" as an adjective.