Last Exile
Atamora Collette

Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing character
First appearance Open File
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Tetsu Inada
Japanese name アタモラ・コレット
Gender Male
Nationality Sky Pirate
Occupation Vanship navi
Floating Dock captain
Known relatives Tereza Collette (wife)
Giselle Collette (daughter)
Félicité Collette (daughter)
René Collette (son)
Adele Collette (daughter)

Atamora Collette is a former vanship racer and current member of the Sky Pirate.

In his younger years, Atamora Collette was an exceptional vanship racer, winning the Grand Race as Kaiser's navi. His knowledge, experiences and capability make him an exceptional mentor who is well respected among the members of Sky Pirates. He is currently the captain of a Floating Dock.

Atamora lives in Kartoffel with his wife, Tereza Collette. He has four biological children, Adele Collette, Félicité Collette, Giselle Collette and René Collette, and is the adoptive father of Fam Fan Fan.