Last Exile
Battle for Exile
Part of the rebellion against the Guild
Date G.D665
Location Grand Stream

Result Alliance victory
Alliance Guild
Commanders and leaders
Sophia Forrester
Vincent Alzey
David Mad-thane
Nestor Messina
Delphine Eraclea
Units involved
26 Claimh Solais class battleship
26 Reparation class battleship
41 Guild battleship
112,498 men Strength unknown
Casualties and losses
13 ships lost
Approx. 26,000 killed
41 ships lost
All combatants killed

The Battle for Exile was the final confrontation between the Alliance and the Guild for control of Exile and the future of Prester. The battle resulted in the complete annihilation of the Guild forces, including Maestro Delphine Eraclea, and in Exile resuming travel between Prester and Earth.

The battle is depicted in the Last Exile episodes Sealed Move, Quiet Move, and Resign.

Ships Present At The Battle[]

Course Of The Battle[]

Initial Engagement[]

The first stage of the battle occurs over Anatoray as the Alliance's fleet of Claimh Solais class battleships and Reparation class battleships faces a fleet of 37 Guild battleships sent by the Maestro. The Guild ships are technologically superior to the Alliance vessels, sinking several of them while the Alliance's opening artillery barrage fails to penetrate their armor. However, the Alliance vessels then deploy a squadron of vanship pilots. The vanships perform torpedo attacks against the Guild ships, managing to sink twenty-three of them.

Crossing the Grand Stream[]

With the initial battle going in favor of the Alliance, Maestro Delphine orders the fourteen remaining ships to retreat to her flagship, which has taken up position near Exile. The Alliance fleet enters the Grand Stream in pursuit. However, the arrival of the fleets triggers Exile's defense systems. While Exile ignores the Maestro's flagship, due to Alvis E. Hamilton having previously answered two of the Mysteria while standing on it, it begins indiscriminate tentacle attacks against both the other Guild vessels and the Alliance pursuers.

Battle Over the Gateway[]

Exile descends towards Disith, where the Gateway has opened for it, and the remnants of the fleets follow it. The Urbanus is sunk by Exile's tentacles, but manages to open a path for the Silvana to reach the Maestro's flagship. At the same time, on the flagship bridge, the crucified Alex Row manages to work one hand free and grabs the Maestro by the neck, strangling her to death. The Silvana fires on the flagship, destroying it, then begins to sink under the continued attacks from Exiles tentacles. However, Claus Valca and Lavie Head have managed to pilot their vanship Spirit of Grand Stream through the Grand Stream, carrying Alvis with them. Sensing the presence of the Key to Exile, Exile ceases its attacks. Claus then recites the four mysteria, causing Exile to deactivate its defenses, shed its cocoon, and resume its original function as a transport between Prester and Earth.


As a result of the Alliance victory, Prester was freed from the control of the Guild. Exile resumed travel between Prester and Earth, carrying many people back to the blue world from which humanity originated.