Last Exile

Chaos is a location on Earth. It was once an independent nation founded by people who returned to Earth on an Exile, but it was absorbed into the expansionistic Ades Federation after a protracted and bloody conflict.


Vasant was heir to Chaos and was known as "the Amethyst of Chaos" during the war. However, she eventually shifted allegiance to Ades, becoming one of the nation's top five generals. The people of the former Chaos region continued to look up to her, asking her help in shielding them from the purges of foreigners being carried out by Premier Luscinia Hāfez.


  • Due to all of the fleets of Chaos eliminated during the battle against Glacies, Vasant was the remaining survivor of Chaos until she was killed by Luscinia leaving the Chaos nation extinct.
  • People from Chaos can be recognized by their Amethyst colored eyes