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"A measly musketeer. Insulting me means that you're rebelling against the Emperor."
―Charles Knowles to Mullin Shetland[src]
Charles Knowles

Last Exile character
Charles Knowles at Casino Royale
First appearance Takeback
Last appearance Takeback
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Hidetoshi Tsuchiya
Michael McConnohie
Renier Baaken
Japanese name チャールズ・ノウルズ
Gender Male
Date of death G.D 664
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Captain of the Goliath
Title Count
Notable relatives Henry Knowles (father)

Charles Knowles is an egotistical and cowardly commander in the Anatoray military.

Knowles is the captain of the Goliath, a ship in the Mad-thane Fleet. When the Disith ambush the fleet at Minagith, Knowles flees the fight before the retreat order was given.

The Goliath docks at Walker Palace for shore leave at the same time as the Silvana. Mullin Shetland is initially interested in joining the crew of the Goliath, but is angered by the Count's rude behavior. The actions of the Count's crew, such as Mark cheating at the casino games, and calling David Mad-thane a coward for retreating at Minagith despite the fact that the Goliath fled first, do not go over well with Mullin who had previously thought the Goliath to be a great ship to join. When Lavie Head stands up for Mullin, the situation escalates into a bar brawl.

Knowles ends up challenging Alexander Row to a ship-to-ship duel, without realizing his identity. When he sees that his opponent is the Silvana, Knowles fires on it from behind before the duel signal is given. Despite the sneak attack, the Silvana easily sinks the Goliath, killing Knowles.

Count Knowles is survived by his father, Henry Knowles.

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