Last Exile
Claudia Unit Capture Operation
Part of the rebellion against the Guild
Date G.D665
Location Horizon Cave
Result Alliance victory
Alliance Guild
Commanders and leaders
Sophia Forrester
David Mad-thane
Nestor Messina
Delphine Eraclea
Units involved
Claimh Solais class battleship
Reparation class battleship
Claudia Units
Guild engineers
Casualties and losses
8 ships lost
22,780 men killed
52 ships lost
208 men killed

The Claudia Unit Capture Operation was a coordinated attack against Guild Claudia Units carried out by the Alliance. The goal was to obtain control of ships to use in the Battle for Exile. In this objective, the Alliance was successful, despite suffering far higher losses than the Guild.

The battle is depicted in the Last Exile episode Castling Lucciola.

Ships Present at the Battle[]

Course of the Battle[]


Although the nations of Anatoray and Disith possessed large fleets of Claimh Solais class battleships and Reparation class battleships, the ships were not truly under their control; they flew using loaned Claudia Units, which the Guild could recall at any time. In order for the planned rebellion against the Guild to succeed, it was necessary to gain control of the Claudia Units of enough ships to form an effective fighting force.

Alliance ships gathered at Horizon Cave, where their musketeers practiced for the operation. It was set to be carried out on the 13th of Tragos, when the Guild would be distracted by the ceremonies of Covenant Day.


Musketeers on all Alliance ships assaulted their Claudia Units in unison. By the time Maestro Delphine Eraclea received news of the rebellion and gave the order for all Claudia Units to be recalled, the operation had already been completed.

The Alliance succeeded in taking control of the Claudia Units of 52 of their battle ships. Another 8 battle ships were sunk when their Claudia Units detached.


Despite the high losses suffered by the Alliance, they were successful in gaining control of enough battle ships to carry out their planned attack on the Guild.