Last Exile
Darius Eraclea

Last Exile character
Japanese name ダリウス・エラクレア
Gender Male
Date of death G.D653
Nationality Guild
Occupation Guild Principal
Keeper of the Eraclea Mysterion
Notable relatives Delphine Eraclea (daughter)
Dio Eraclea (son)

Darius Eraclea was a man of small character and unusual political ambitions. His interests were the history of ancient times and the discovery of technology.

Character Outline[]


Darius' biggest concern was the rumor of Exile-related technology buried on Disith, making frequent excavation trips there.

One day, Darius received astonishing information about Exile: it was real. Even in the Guild, Exile was a legend. If Darius was correct, the beliefs of the world would flip on their heads. For the prosperity of House Eraclea and to keep a monopoly on Exile, Darius aimed for the position of Maestro.


In Guild Date 653, upon returning to the Guild from Disith, he is killed by his own daugther, Delphine Eraclea.


  • "Darius" was actually the name of several Persian kings, with his name possibly being based on those kings.