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"I alone should possess the truth that wanders the Grand Stream. No one must ever see it."
―Delphine Eraclea to Claus Valca[src]
Delphine Eraclea

Last Exile character
Delphine Eraclea attending her roses
First appearance Calculate Alex
Last appearance Resign
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Michiko Neya
Karen Strassman
Japanese name デルフィーネ・エラクレア
Age 24
Gender Female
Date of birth G.D641
Date of death G.D665
Nationality Guild
Occupation Guild Principal
Keeper of the Eraclea Mysterion
Title Maestro
Notable relatives Darius Eraclea (father)
Dio Eraclea (brother)

Maestro Delphine Eraclea is Dio Eraclea's older sister, head of the Guild, and the series' main antagonist.

Character Outline[]


Delphine is a heartless and cruel individual. She enjoys bringing misery to those under her influence, and she derives pleasure in confusing and misleading her victims. Her cruel behavior and mind games have impacted her younger brother, Dio, as well. Despite his easygoing personality, even he is fearful of Delphine. When executing her plans, she prefers to watch the mayhem she causes whenever possible. However, she seems to prioritize execution over pleasure, as she is fine with sitting in the sidelines when needed.


A run-in between her and Alex Row in the past has left her the sole target of his vengeance, and one of his only goals is to personally kill Delphine. The Maestro is portrayed as a decadent aristocrat, callous and ruthless in her ways.

Delphine possesses a veritable arsenal of psychological weapons she wields with ease, which would explain why Dio is terrified of her. She is heartless when it comes to the guild, and takes great delight in the wastefulness that her people go through to attain and prepare her meals (such as Kerasion Mousse, which is rarely harvested because the harvesters most likely froze to death, and catfish which took 100 gallons of First Water to remove mud from).

It is unknown whether she has any real combative power of her own. Due to her impossibly immense oppressive influence, she really only needs her loyal subordinates to do her work, namely Cicada and his attack force. She does possess golden rings that have the ability to turn people into golden shards or ashes. It is implied that they turn a bad person into ash and a good person into beautiful shards.


Her immense arrogance and sadism only ends when she meets her death at the hands of Alex Row. He kills her by breaking her neck with one hand.

Concept Art[]

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