Last Exile
Dio's Vanship
Dio's Vanship - Fam Aerial Log
Name Dio's Vanship
General characteristics
Class and type Courier Vanship
Length 11.92 m (39.1) total
6.706 m (22 in) body
Beam 1.627 m (5.3 ft)
Wingspan 2.073 m (6.8 ft)
Propulsion 1,914 hp (2,550 CP = Claudia force)
Speed max - 405 knots (750.1 km/h; 466.1 mph)
cruising - 243 knots (450 km/h; 279.6 mph)
Range 1,800.2 nautical miles (2,071.7 miles; 3,334 km)
Ceiling 10,060 m (33,000 ft)
Power Claudia-Lithium-Air battery
Crew 1 + 1

Dio's Vanship is vanship which appear in Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing.

It is piloted by Dio. It is designed to be piloted by only one person.

Its incredible power owes to its 2 engines, thank to that it is capable to outrun even Military Vanships used by Anatoray. It uses two of latest Claudia wheel type heating wire system electrodes (Electricity generated by a battery (known as Claudia-Lithium-Air battery) with Claudia-Lithium solution instead of Claudia-Alcohol, or Claudia-Water solution is used to overheat liquid Claudia at the same time it is compressed inside single wheel type electroheater), but in combination with classic heating Caludia pipes, known from Vanships, same as Fam's Vespa. Because of that it could be called Vespa not Vanship.