Last Exile

Symbol of Disith

The nation of Disith (デュシス, Deyushisu) is one of the two major countries in the world of Prester.


Current Leader: Nestor Messina


Disith is a cold and wintry land. The temperature is continuing to fall at such a rate that the country is rapidly becoming uninhabitable. In order to survive, it has launched ships to cross the Grand Stream and invade Anatoray, where the Disith people hope to make a new nation for themselves. This ignited a war that has been ongoing for over 10 years; a peace treaty that might have lead to an amicable resolution of the conflict was lost in transit due to the machinations of Maestro Delphine Eraclea of the Guild.

After the Emperor of Anatoray dies and is succeeded by Sophia Forrester, she proposes a peace treaty with Disith. The Disith leader, Nestor Messina, accepts, and the two nations join together to form the Alliance.

At the end of the series, following the activation of Exile, the climate stabilizes and plants begin to regrow as the snow melts.

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  • Disith's name comes from the Greek word δύση (dysi), meaning "sunset" and "west". Keeping in line with the hourglass concept of prester, "Anatoray" comes from the Greek word ανατολή (anatoli), which means "sunrise" and "east". The other points of the compass in Greek are Βορράς (vorras) meaning "north" and Νότος (notos), meaning "south". The "Ancient Notos" is a territory in Fam the Silverwing series and manga, and is to be found (quite naturally) in the south of the map.
  • It is later stated by Vincent Alzey that both Anatoray and Disith are now combined/allies in the Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing series.
  • In Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing, episode 18, it is noted that the symbol of Disith was seen next to the symbol of Anatoray during the conference.