Last Exile

The battle in the Dragon's Fangs

The Dragon's Fangs is a highly dangerous region in Anatoray.

The area takes its name from the many jagged spires of rock that thrust into the air, resembling fangs. These pose a significant navigational hazard to any ship passing through the area. Furthermore, the Dragon's Fangs are shrouded in dense clouds, severely limiting visibility and making any attempt to travel the region highly perilous.

Alexander Row orders the Silvana into the Dragon's Fangs in order to spring a trap on the six Urbanus class destroyers pursuing him. The Silvana fires its jet-propelled shells at the rocky spires looming over the ships, triggering a deadly rain of falling stone. Only the Urbanus escapes the engagement unscathed; the Martinus, Georgius, Sebastianus, Julianus, and Eustatius are sunk while the Silvana itself suffers heavy damage and requires repairs.