Last Exile

Disambiguation: this page is about the Turan Exile. For the class of colony ship, see Exile.

The Turan Exile in orbit.

Exile is the Exile-class colony ship which took the people of Kingdom of Turan to a Prester Colony and later brought them back to Earth.

After completing its round-trip voyage, Exile was left in Earth orbit with the Exiles of six other nations. Over time, the people forgot the Exiles' original purpose and came to believe they were moons. However, Exile was reactivated by Luscinia Hāfez, who proceeded to use it as a weapon of war. He first commanded Exile to descend over Turan's capital city, Iglasia; when the city's defenders fired on it, Exile's defense system activated and laid waste to the city. Luscinia later summoned Exile once more for his campaign against the nation of Glacies.

The Key to Exile of the Turan Exile is Liliana.

With Liliana's subsequent death Millia succeded her as the key of the Turanian exile.

The now damaged exile was used as a shield against Grand Exile's cannons by Dio.