Last Exile
Sky Pirate Vespas, with Fam and Giselle in the lead
(Sky Pirate)
Name Vespa
Nickname Silver Wink
General characteristics
Class and type Vespa
Length 2 427 mm (7.963 ft) - From the front light base to rear cowl, Not included Claudia tube
3 032 mm (9.948 ft) - When Claudia tube is fully extended
Beam 1 066 mm (3.497 ft) - From skid base to engine lumpur
Wingspan 927 mm (3.041 ft) - don't include pylon
Weight (Estimated) 440 kg (970 lbs) empty
712.1 kg (1 570 lbs) gross
Propulsion 255 Hp (340 CP = Claudia force)
Speed max - 162 knots (300 km/h; 186.4 mph)
cruising - 86.4 knots (160 km/h; 99.4 mph)
Range 540 nautical miles (1 000 km)
Ceiling 5900 m (19 360 ft)
Power Claudia-Lithium-Air battery
Fuel (Estimated) 53 L (14 gal)
Crew 2 + 1

This Vespa was used by Fam Fan Fan and Giselle Collette.

Vespas are smaller than other types of Vanships, but are still typically crewed by two, a pilot and a navi. Like other airships, they use Claudia engines to fly. Vespas are armed with two harpoons, which are used to disable larger ships so they can be stolen.

Main difference between normal Vespa and Fam's, is that it uses only one wheel type heating wire system electrode but in combination with classic heating Caludia pipes, known from vanships.


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