Last Exile
Farahnāz Augusta

Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing character
A painting of Farahnāz Augusta
First appearance Backward Pawn
Last appearance Backward Pawn
Created by Range Murata
Japanese name ファラフナーズ・アウグスタ
Gender Female
Nationality Ades Federation
Occupation Empress of Ades
Known relatives Sārā Augusta (daughter)

Farahnāz Augusta was the previous Empress of Ades. After her death, her young daughter Sārā Augusta became Empress.


Farahnāz was first seen to announce the start of the Grand Race, and was accompanied by Luscinia Hafez, then known as Lukea, and Alauda as her escorts and guards. She appeared friendly and welcome to leaders of other nations, and promoted peace and friendliness, with several attempts to realize her goals (with the Grand Race being one of them). However, she was assassinated during the awards ceremony of the Grand Race ten years prior to the beginning of Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing. She saw the young Princess Liliana about to be shot, so Farahnaz instead sacrificed her life for the girl.


  • Her name, Farahnāz, means "happy and beautiful" in Persian.


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