Last Exile

Floating Docks rising out of Kartoffel

Floating Docks are a special type of ship appearing in Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing.

Floating Docks are a large, rectangular type of ship with an open roof which are used by the Sky Pirates. They serve as mobile docks for the vanships which are used by the Sky Pirates to disable and steal other ships (mainly Vespas and Sky Pirate Medium Vanships, though they have been shown carrying Dio Eraclea's Courier Vanship as well).

Atamora Collette pilots a Floating Dock.

Floating Docks[]

  • Zwiebel
  • Pilze
  • Karotten
  • Kürbis
  • Spargel


  • A Floating Dock is the very first ship to appear in Fam, the Silver Wing, as Fam Fan Fan is sleeping on one at the beginning of the first episode.
  • Floating docks where used in the assault of Boreas, where they where used to create an artificial grounding in midair to increase the altitude of the vanships above them.