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Last Exile character
Frederick on the bridge of the Urbanus
First appearance Breakthrough
Created by Range Murata
Japanese name フレデリック
Gender Male
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Captain of the Urbanus

Frederick is an Anatoray captain.

After Vincent Alzey is stripped of command of the Urbanus by General Vitellius Glamis, the post is filled by Frederick. However, he does not hold it for long, as Vincent resumes command after the fall of the Imperial Capital.

Personality & Character[]

Frederick is a arrogant and egotistical commander. When talking and presenting himself to others, he easily gives off that he's incompetent and likes to show-off to attain glory. However, he's equally a coward when facing life-threatening danger.

Skills & Abilities[]




Taking Command of Urbanus & Desertion[]

On Fredrick's first day on the job as captain, he was happy and eager to utilize the most advanced ship at his disposal. When the CIC officer warned him of a incoming vanship, he was trigger-happy to shoot down the ship to commemorate his command; he had the gunners aim and fire upon range. Unfortunately, the vanship was carrying Princess Sophia Forrester. He quickly freaked and frantically tried to get his gunners to cease their orders before he pulls a big mistake.

After the destruction of the Imperial Capital, possibly fearing he would be blamed for the death of the Emperor and loss of the city, he deserted his post and was never seen again. All of this happened in the same night, making Fedrick the shortest-lived commander of the Urbanus and one of the biggest failures in Anatoray military history in a matter of hours.

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