Last Exile

The Delphine Eraclea has many loyal Guild members at her disposal. Some include bodyguards and maids, to fighter pilots and counselors. They tend to fall into two groups: Aspis (アスピス, Asupisu) and Scutum (スクトゥム, Sukutumu). The names of the Guild servants all seemed to be named after insects.

The most powerful of the Maestro's entourage is Cicada, the servant to Maestro Delphine and the elder brother of Lucciola.

Guild Agent[]

  • Lorcia (lorica)
  • Aspis Maids
    • Nix
    • Pluvia
  • Aspis Servant
    • Apis
    • Coccinella
  • Scutum
    • Allomyrina
    • Dorcus
    • Ephemera
    • Phalaena


These ranks are also color-coded. Lorcia wears black, Scutum wears grey, Aspis wears white. Apis, Coccinella and Lucciola however, wear white Guild uniforms with silver collars, due to Dio choosing to wear white, lower-ranking Guild robes. Dio's collar is gold in comparison to tell him apart from the other three. Due to Dio's position in the Guild, he should be wearing black and Apis, Coccinella and Lucciola grey, but due to Dio's random decision to wear white, his servants cannot dress as though they outrank him.

Concept Art[]


  • Armor (breastplate) is lorica in Latin, not lorcia.
  • Lorcia, Aspis and Scutum are all latin names for shields and armor.