Last Exile

External view of the Guild Fortress

The Guild Fortress is a large Guild structure in the Grand Stream where Maestro Delphine Eraclea resides.

The fortress is enormous, easily the size of an entire city. Some of its many rooms seen on the show are a dining hall, a rose garden, docks for Claudia Units, and the arena where the Trial of Agoon is held. The fortress is surrounded by a protective ring of Guild Presence Ships at all times.

In the episode Sealed Move, Lucciola sets off a series of explosions within the fortress that cause a large piece to break off and fall to ground near Norkia.


  • On the map of the Grand Stream provided to the Silvana by the Disith, the Guild Fortress is labeled ΓΥΙΛΔ ΧΕΝΤΡΑΛ ΧΟΡΕ ΧΟΜΠΡΕΞ ("GUILD CENTRAL CORE COMPLEX").