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Delphine's flagship

Guild Battle Ships are the powerful vessels deployed by the Guild on the rare occasions that the direct usage of force against their subjects is necessary.

Guild Battle Ships are technologically far superior to the warships of Anatoray and Disith. Their armor is capable of withstanding direct hits from the shells of either type of warship without damage. For this reason, the Alliance employs vanships armed with torpedoes against the Guild. The vanships are able to penetrate the hulls of the Guild Battle Ships and torpedo their Claudia Units, destroying them.

These vessels appear to have weapons capable of firing plasma projectiles, in contrast to the conventional weapons used on both Anatoray and Disith warships. Through usage of such advanced weaponry, the Guild warships are able easily destroy opposing vessels. In addition to advanced weaponry, the Guild battleships seem to have no blind spots, as the weapon batteries are capable of rotating.


The phrase "γυιλδ γετσ ωορλδ" can be seen written on the sides of some of the Guild Battle Ships during the Alliance's vanship attack. This is a transliteration of "Guild Gets World".

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