Last Exile
Hamilcar Valca

Last Exile character
Hamilcar Valca in casual dress
First appearance Étude Lavie
Last appearance Resign
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Tetsuo Kanao
Kirk Thornton
Japanese name ハミルカル・ヴァルカ
Greek name Αμιλκαρ Βαλκα
Age 34
Gender Male
Date of birth G.D621
Date of death G.D655
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Vanship pilot
Notable relatives Justina Valca (wife)
Claus Valca (son)

Hamilcar Valca is the father of Claus Valca.

Hamilcar Valca was a famous vanship pilot. Although he came from nobility, he moved to Norkia with his wife Justina Valca out of love for the frontier town's free skies. He became immediate friends with Georges Head, who became his navi. The two were also good friends with their fellow vanship pilot Alexander Row and his navi Euris Bassianus. Unfortunately, Hamilcar, Georges, and Euris all died in the attempt to deliver a peace offer to Disith when Exile's defense system reacted to their presence in the Grand Stream. Valca died at the age of thirty-four and when Claus was five years old.


Hamilcar's name comes from the historical figure Hamilcar Barcas, Carthaginian general during the First Punic War and father of the famous tactician Hannibal.

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