Last Exile
Hurricane Hawk

Last Exile character
Hurricane Hawk at the 75th Norkia Cup Race
First appearance Transpose
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Kōji Ishii
Paul St. Peter
Japanese name ハリケンホーク
Greek name 'Αρικενε 'αυκ
Gender Male
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Vanship racer
Vanship pilot

Hurricane Hawk (ハリケンホーク Harikenhōku) is a vanship pilot from Anatoray. He is voiced by Kōji Ishii (Japanese) and Paul St. Peter (English).

Hurricane Hawk is considered the best vanship pilot in Norkia, having won the Norkia Cup Race two years in a row. He begins the 75th Norkia Cup Race in the pole position, having gotten the best time in the previous day's time trial, and is the favorite to win the race. However, he is forced to drop out after a near collision with Ralf Wednesday's vanship.

Hurricane Hawk later becomes a vanship pilot for the Alliance, and participates in the successful torpedo run against a fleet of Guild Presence Ships.

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