Last Exile

A view of the waterwheels and the royal palace.

Iglasia (Greek, Ιγυρασια) is a location in the Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing series.


Iglasia is the coastal capital of Kingdom of Turan. One of its most prominent landmarks is the giant waterwheels off the coast. At the top of the city is the giant, cathedral-like royal palace.


In the episode Fool's Mate, an Ades Federation fleet attacks Iglasia. Luscinia Hāfez speaks a Mysterion to the captured Princess Liliana, calling down an Exile to hover above the city. The defending forces mistake the Exile for an Ades weapon and attack it, activating the Exile's defense systems and causing it to level the city with its tentacles. Turan subsequently falls and is absorbed by the Ades Federation. It can also be seen that a lot of structure in Iglasia is also destroyed.


  • In most Romance languages, "iglesia" means church.