Last Exile
"I knew Hamilton, the man who raised you, my dear. In fact, I knew him for a very long time."
"You knew my grandpa?"
"She tried to kill him."
Delphine Eraclea, Alvis E. Hamilton, and Dio Eraclea[src]
James Hamilton

Last Exile character
Japanese name ジェームス・ハミルトン
Gender Male
Nationality Guild
Occupation Maestro
Keeper of the Hamilton Mysteria
Title Maestro
Notable relatives Alvis E. Hamilton (granddaughter)

James Hamilton towered above the previous Maestros. He brought stability to the Guild and his decisions as Maestro were continually praised. However, Maestro James' increasing age began to show and his influence began to gradually decline. After Delphine Eraclea turned 13, the elderly Maestro James was imprisoned and, upon his death, Delphine took the position of Maestro from him.