Last Exile

Sky Pirate Floating Docks rising out of Kartoffel.

Kartoffel is the current base of the Sky Pirate organization. It is close to the territories of Ades Federation and Kingdom of Turan but outside the boundaries of both. It is situated on a high position beyond the altitude limit of battleships.

It is where the News Skypirates Today is published.

Due to hostilities with the Ades Federation, the Sky Pirates are forced to relocate whenever Ades finds their base. The Sky Pirates moved to Kartoffel when Fam Fan Fan and Giselle Collette were children, and have been operating there ever since.

It was then attacked by the Ades Third Fleet employing their new long range cannons at the end of episode 11.


  • Kartoffel means potato in German.
  • The location of Kartoffel on the map of Earth corresponds with present-day Crimea.