Last Exile
Lady Mad-thane

Last Exile character
Lady Mad-thane in her mansion
First appearance First Move
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Satsuki Yukino
Mela Lee
Japanese name マドセイン婦人
Gender Female
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Noblewoman
Notable relatives David Mad-thane (husband)
Holly Mad-thane (daughter)

Lady Mad-thane (マドセイン婦人 Madosein Fujin) is an Anatoray noble. She is voiced by Satsuki Yukino (Japanese) and Mela Lee (English).

Lady Mad-thane is the wife of Duke David Mad-thane, with whom she has one daughter, Holly Mad-thane. Lady Mad-thane is the head of the Mad-thane residence in Norkia in her husband's absence. She assigned Claus Valca and Lavie Head the delivery mission that takes them to the battle at Minagith. She later turns the residence into a makeshift hospital to care for Anatoray's and Disith's wounded soldiers during the assault against the Guild.

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