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Last Exile: The Movie is the live-action film adaptation of the anime. However, as of 2013, there is still no confirmation the movie will be produced.

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On February 11, 2005, a report on Anime News Network mentioned a possible live-action Last Exile film. The report was based on a blog post by Patrick Macias, an author of several books on Japanese pop culture and anime and the writer for "Animerica", which noted that while he was attending the Tokyo International Anime Fair, an employee of Gonzo suggested that an unnamed New Line Cinema producer was interested in doing a live-action adaptation of the series. Joel Silver is not looking at Last Exile as far as I know...although that would be great. There is, however, a producer who works with New Line who is looking into two of our titles for live-action adaptation...Last Exile and Burst Angel." Since then, no other mentions of a possible live-action movie have occurred. On July 8, 2009, a concept art image was leaked on the Internet but was removed at the request of filmmakers.

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