Last Exile
Marius Bassianus

Last Exile character
Marius Bassianus before the Emperor
First appearance Luft Vanship
Last appearance Breakthrough
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Yasuo Iwata
Michael McConnohie
Japanese name マリウス・バシアヌス
Greek name Μαριυσ Βασσιανυσ
Age 52
Gender Male
Date of birth G.D612
Date of death G.D664
Nationality Guild
Occupation Guild Principal
Prime Minister of Anatoray
Keeper of the Bassianus Mysterion
Notable relatives Unnamed wife
Euris Bassianus (daughter)


Marius Bassianus was a member of one of the three Guild houses that was purged by Maestro Delphine Eraclea. He stole a Guild battleship and fled to Anatoray with several others, including his daughter Euris Bassianus. One of Marius's acts as Prime Minister of the country was to sign a peace treaty with Disith. He entrusted its delivery to four vanship pilots: Hamilcar Valca, Georges Head, Alexander Row, and his own daughter Euris. However, Maestro Delphine intercepted them during their attempt to cross the Grand Stream, causing the loss of the treaty and the death of all but Alex. Following the death of Euris, Marius began treating the Emperor's daughter Sophia Forrester as a surrogate daughter.

During the Disith attack on the capital of Anatoray, Marius demanded that the Emperor step down and yield the throne to Sophia. The Emperor refused, and the two slew each other in the resultant fight.

Marius held the Mysteria of House Bassianus, which he surrendered to Alex Row before his death.

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