Last Exile

Ethan, Kostabi, Godwin, and Gale

Although there are undoubtedly many more mechanics on the Silvana, there are four main mechanics that are seen and interacted with throughout the series(with the exception of the short mechanic status of Mullin Shetland). These mechanics seem to be the personal crew for "the Princess" Tatiana Wisla. The mechanic crew is harsh and tough on unwelcomed guests and those who damage their ship.


  • Godwin Austin is the lead mechanic and a sentimental toughguy. He is always ready to fight for his mates and also ready to shed a tear.
  • Gale Frank is the only character in the series to be confirmed as gay. He appears as if he was once part of the Guild but this is never confirmed throughout the series. He shares many of the same features that people in the Guild have: pointy ears, pale skin, homosexuality, and his shaved head hides the color of his hair. It is possible he escaped with Ressius to the Silvana during the rebellion.
  • Anthony Kostabi, mostly known as Kostabi, is the cool and calculating type, who is probably more sinister than he looks.
  • Ethan Pelerin was considered the new guy that had to do all the hard chores until Mullin arrived.
  • Mullin Shetland was, for a time, a mechanic aboard the Silvana. The other mechanics got him to do all the menial stuff none of the others wanted to do.
  • Lavie Head