Last Exile
Michael Wednesday

Last Exile character
Michael Wednesday at Horizon Cave
First appearance Making Material
Created by Range Murata
Japanese name ミハイル・ウェンズデイ
Age 30
Gender Male
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Vanship pilot
Known relatives Ralf Wednesday (brother)

Michael Wednesday is the older brother of Ralf Wednesday. Like his younger brother, he is a vanship pilot, and as such is recruited by the Alliance for their rebellion against the Guild. Claus Valca encounters Michael while he is training at Horizon Cave and relays the news of Ralf's heroic death. Michael thanks Claus for completing Ralf's mission to deliver Alvis E. Hamilton to the Silvana, giving him the figurehead from Ralf's vanship as a gift. He also expresses the desire to avenge his brother, and goes on to participate against the successful torpedo attack against a fleet of Guild Presence Ships. A cinnamon stick in his mouth is his trademark.

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