Last Exile

One of the green-painted military vanships carried by the Silvana

Ship Five, an unpainted military vanship carried by the Silvana

Military vanships are a type of vanship developed for use in combat. While they were developed by Anatoray, they are not used in any battles against the Disith (possibly due to the strict Guild rules regulating such combats), and only the outlaw vessel Silvana carries them. (In Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing, its successor Silvius carries military vanships as well).

Military vanships have overpowered dual thrusters for acceleration and maneuvering. They are the only Vanships equipped with onboard weapons: a pair of 600 rpm machine guns with 200-round ammunition boxes, underside racks for carrying bombs, drop-pods, and external tanks to compensate for the lower fuel efficiency of the overpowered thrusters. The navi is responsible for reloading the ammunition in addition to his or her other duties.

Notable Military Vanship Pilots[]

Notable Military Vanship Navis[]

Notable Military Vanships[]

  • Ship One, the military vanship flown by Tatiana. It is instantly recognizable because it is painted bright red, in contrast to the other military vanships carried by the Silvana, which are mostly green in color.