Last Exile

Minagith (Μιναγισ) is a city in Anatoray.

At the beginning of the series, Minagith comes under attack by the Disith. Duke David Mad-thane leads the Mad-thane Fleet in an attempt to defend it. However, the Disith break combat protocol, launching an ambush with a second fleet. When the Guild refuses to intervene, Mad-Thane orders a retreat. The Mad-thane Fleet is successful in withdrawing due to the intervention of the Silvana, but Minagith falls to the Disith. Because of this, some other Anatoray commanders regard Duke Mad-thane as a coward. One such captain is Charles Knowles of the Goliath; hypocritically, the Goliath was the first of the ships at the battle to flee, even before the order to retreat had been given.


Based on the menu seen in the Casino Royale, Minagith is a very poor area like Norkia, with the standard water quality being ninth water.