Last Exile

Issue appearing in Open File

News Skypirates Today (Greek, Νεωσ Σκψπιρατεσ Τοδαψ) is a periodical published by Sky Pirates in Kartoffel. It keeps the people informed on any changes that are happening around Earth.

The paper is published by Press Kartoffel (Greek, Πρεσσ Καρταφαρε).


  • Open File: Peace Accord to be Sealed Between Turan Kingdom and Ades Federation (Greek, Πεαχε Αχχορδ το βε Σεαλεδ Βετωεεν Τυραν Κινγδομ ανδ Αδεσ Φεδερατιον)
  • Touch and Move: The Migration Plan From Adeses Various Places To That Places (Greek, Τηε Μιγρατιον Πλαν Φρομ Αδεσεσ ςαριουσ Πλαχεσ Το Τηατ Πλαχεσ)