"I've never known what my mother looked like. Maybe if my family had had a camera, I could've had a picture of her to remember her by."
Lavie Head[src]
Rachelle Head

Last Exile character
Japanese name ラシェル・ヘッド
Gender Female
Date of death G.D649
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Housewife
Notable relatives Georges Head (husband)
Lavie Head (daughter)

Rachelle Head was the wife of Georges Head and mother of Lavie Head. She died during childbirth.

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Life & Death[edit | edit source]

Rachelle's life was never put into detail; little-to-nothing could be really said about her. Clues throughout the story suggests she lived an average and low-income life. After marrying Georges Head, she eventually became pregnant and gave birth to Lavie. Unfortunately, whatever hopes she had with her marriage and being a mother ended during child-birth. Complications resulted her death, but a true cause was never mentioned. She was later buried and her surviving family stayed Norkia and lived with the Valca family. Unfortunately, George would also eventually die as well, leaving Lavie orphaned.

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  • Never romanized, her first name might not be Rachelle. Given that Lavie's name, when broken apart and read in French, is "the life" (la vie), rasheru could be read as "laciel" which means, when broken apart and read in French, "the sky" (la ciel).

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