Last Exile
Reparation-class battleships at the Third Battle of Minagith
Name Reparation-class
Japanese name レパラシオン級
General characteristics
Class and type Reparation-class battleship
Displacement 180,000 tons standard
220,000 tons estimated
Length 667.6 m (2,190.3 ft)
Beam 214.1 m (702.4 ft)
Height 183.2 m (601 ft) excluding mast
Propulsion Unknown
Speed 112 knots (207.4 km/h; 129 mph)
Power Guild standard Mk. II Claudia Unit
Troops 720 musketeers (1 battalion)
Complement 1988
Armament 12 × 400 mm (15.75 in) (4×3)
6 × 254 mm (10 in) (2×3)
30-bomb bomb rack
2 × 1016 mm (40 in)
10 × 400 mm (15.75 in)
Armor 400 mm (16 in) on key components


The Reparation-class battleship is a capital ship class that makes up the Disith naval fleet. In Luft Vanship, they are identified as Reparation-class. While the hull design is substantially different from that of Anatoray's Claimh Solais class battleship, they rely on the same Guild-manufactured Claudia Units to fly.

While not explained outright in the series, in the ephemera it was assumed that due to the hourglass shape of Prester, Disith would be invading Anatoray from above via the Grand Stream. For this reason, the guns on Disith warships are primarily located on the bottom, while Anatoray warships guns are primarily on top. This configuration made ship-to-ship combat in the same plane somewhat difficult, though.

Design Detail[]

These battleships, in comparison to their Anatorian counterparts, have little armor protection, especially in their midsection.  Vanships can literally pass through the mid-section and bomb them from within as demonstrated by Tatiana Wisla in Luft Vanship. The Claudia unit situated in the mid-section adds to their vulnerability in combat.  Though less armored, these ships have an edge in terms of speed and maneuverability.  In terms of firepower, their underside cannons have a high rate of fire that can sustain a continuous barrage of cannon fire to an enemy fleet.

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing[]

On the episode "Triple Rook" it is shown that the Anatorian counterpart was brought back to Earth.  It is unknown if the surviving vessels of this class were also brought back.