Last Exile
Interceptor Sokol adean
Rocket Fighter without boosters.
Name Interceptor Sokol adean
General characteristics
Class and type Military vanship
Length 12.02 m (39.44 ft)
Beam 2.62 m (8.6 ft)
Wingspan 2.26 m (7.42 ft)
Propulsion 1,370 hp (1,830 CP = Claudia force)
Speed max - 464.4 knots (860 km/h; 534.4 mph)
cruising - 183.6 knots (340 km/h; 211.3 mph)
Range 432 nautical miles (497.1 miles; 800 km)
Ceiling 7,620 m (25,000 ft)
Crew 2
Armament 50 mm cannon

Rocket Fighter with boosters attached.


Rocket Fighters, or Interceptor Sokol adean are a type of vanship employed by the nation Glacies.

Rocket Fighters are launched with the assistance of four rocket boosters, which allow them to be deployed with incredible speed. Once they have taken to the air, the boosters are ejected and separated from the ship.

Unlike other vanships, Rocket Fighters have a completely closed cockpit. They use a single engine for propulsion and have a nose-mounted single-barreled gun that can fire anti-ship/armor-piercing shots capable of inflicting heavy damage. In addition, they are also fast and flexible with their aerodynamic design built to be able to conduct flight and navigate in strong winds and harsh climate (at least of Glacies's).

Also it clearly shows that unlike other vanships they have flight computers and systems as well as wireless communication, which in comparison to other nations (Ades Federation, etc.), are highly advanced. Perhaps, Glacies was most successful in retaining what left from pre-catastrophe science and technology.

However, their armor are weak, as it is shown that they suffer heavy and serious damage after they were hit with anti-air guns, and incinerated after being hit or caught in the blast of anti-air artillery shells fired by anti-air autocannons.

Alternate comment to above last paragraph:  This appears not quite to be the case, as even the larger pirate vanships appear to go down from a single hit from one of those shells.  Further examination reveals that they perhaps are slightly better armored than normal vanships, but the blast seems more than capable of knocking out anything that takes a direct hit.  Observing during the first usage shows that they are infact very large bore weapons, meaning that the shell itself is probably around a 10cm bore if not larger.  

As an asside, the frontal cannon on the glaces fighters appears oddly similar to the scolopendra (spelling?) cannon seen in the first series used by anatore in the battle for the capital city.  

Rocket Fighter Pilots[]

  • Dian (Adamas Squadron 01)
  • Primula (Adamas Squadron 03)

Rocket Fighter Navis[]


  • By the cockpit of the rocket fighter, "falke eine" (ᚠᛆᛚᛕᛂ ᛂᛁᚿᛂ) is written in Futhork.
  • This vanships can be based off german ME 262 jet fighter with the BK 50mm cannon


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