Last Exile
Roshanak Babar

Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing character
Roshanak Babar in Eldorado
First appearance Over Step
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Maaya Sakamoto
Japanese name ロシャナク・ババール
Gender Female
Nationality Ades Federation
Occupation Baroness

Roshanak Babar is an Ades Federation Baroness. She was once royalty of another nation, but forsook her territory, inheritance, and royal title in exchange for her current position.

Personality & Character[]

Roshanak spends much of her time at Eldorado, gambling on vanship races. She is fond of young pretty boys and is surrounded by courtesans she won in bets.


She was also present 10 years ago in the last Grand Race, but since had become a self-made baroness. Rich and powerful with her own shadowy-earned fortune, she owned an older Ades battleship, the Nāhīd. When Fam came to her with a audacious wager for her ship, she actually agreed under the condition of a race. Because Princess Millia was dressed as a boy at the time, Roshanak didn't realize the cute young boy she wanted to own was actually the exiled Turan Princess. However, Roshanak was confident she would win; she pitted her top racer against Fam at the tracks. If Fam wins, she gets the Nāhīd, but Roshanak gets Millia if she wins. Ultimately, Fam won and Roshanak honored the wager.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Her first name means "lamp" or "torch" in Persian. Her last name comes from the Persian word for tiger.

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