Last Exile

Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing character
Sadri aboard the Anshar.
First appearance Light Square
Last appearance Grand Master
Created by Range Murata
Japanese name サドリ
Gender Male
Nationality Ades Federation
Occupation Commander of the Anshar
General of the First Fleet
Known relatives Rahā (daughter)
Fam Fan Fan (granddaughter)

Sadri is Grand Admiral of the Ades Federation, who commands the First Fleet. He is the leader of the other four generals who are highly skilled but lack the experience.

Sadri's long running service and experience gives him great knowledge of utilizing fleets to gain tactical advantage.

He is an intrepid veteran whose invulnerable persona does not betray the fact that he is pushing beyond 60 years of age.

For all of his experience and knowledge he was outwitted by Tatiana Wisla during their recent encounter (see Distraction ) where out of surprise he dropped his cane when the Silvius extensively sunk ships from the 4th and 5th divisions of the first fleet by making the mountain range in the Glacian border collapse.

The reason why he is using a cane to walk aside from his old age is his left foot was hit by a bullet ten years ago during the assassination of Farahnāz Augusta, while protecting the infant Sārā Augusta from the assassins.

In Dynamic Possibilities, it was revealed that he had a daughter named Rahā.


  • Sadri is a Persian name meaning chief seat or judge.
  • The scene where Sadri dropped his cane is reminiscent of the scene where Vincent Alzey dropped his coffee in episode 12 of the first series, when the Silvana sunk all but one of the Urbanus class vessels in the battle of Dragon's Fangs.