Last Exile



The people that make up the Sky Pirates are those who have had their lands destroyed by the Ades Federation. Because of this, the people came from many different Exiles and were not all part of the same immigrant group. They are constantly on the move and never base in one place for too long. Their primary means of income is capturing skyfish, scrapping them, and then selling the parts and any salvage inside. Despite their brand as pirates they are actually harmless people who would not resort to killing to get their prize, totally different when it comes to sense of piracy typically portrayed in many shows.

Their Sky Pirate Medium Vanships are equipped with extra harpoons and the Floating Docks are built around mobility.

They are the publishers of the News Skypirates Today.

One of the main Sky Pirate bases is located at Kartoffel, where Fam and Gisey live at the start of the anime. Other bases are also named after food, Spargel being asparagus etc.