Last Exile
Sky Pirates Medium Vanship
Sky Pirate Vanship with female pilot
(Sky Pirate)
Name Sky Pirates Medium Vanship
General characteristics
Class and type Vanship
Length 14.78 m (48.5 ft) total
10.67 m (35 ft) body
Beam 2.256 m (7.4 ft)
Wingspan 8.203 m (26.91 ft)
Weight (Estimated) 1,321 kg (2,914 lbs) empty
5,287 kg (11,656 lbs) gross
Propulsion 2x 488 hp (2x 650 CP = Claudia force)
Speed max - 134 knots (248.2 km/h; 154.2 mph)
cruising - 114 knots (211.1 km/h; 131.2 mph)
Range 475 nautical miles (546.6 miles; 879.7 km)
Ceiling 6,200 m (20,340 ft)
Fuel (Estimated) 2x 568 L (2x 150 gal)
Crew 3


Sky Pirate Medium Vanships are a type of vanship which appear in Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing.

In addition to Vespas, the Sky Pirates use a special type of vanship with an unusually broad and flat body. They resemble a rectangular wing with the cockpit in the center and two engines, one on each side. These ships are sometimes armed with harpoons to be used in capturing larger vessels. Because of their broad wings, they are capable of carrying up to six harpoons while Vespas can carry only two.  It should be noted that each of these six however are about the size of a vespa.  Their true amount of payload can be seen during the attack on Boraeas fortress, where Fam and Giselle's Vespa only mounts two rockets, each of these ships is seen carrying entire racks of them, with one being seen with 12 rocket pods slung under each wing, in formation with Fam's group shortly before they come under heavy fire.

Those Vanships have 2 fuel tanks inside their wings and a big cargo bay in a middle of there body.They also have a observer's spot under main body in the front. It is equipped with periscope/binoculars.

This Vanship has features similar to Turan ships.