Last Exile

Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing character
Sorūsh aboard the Senapati.
First appearance Light Square
Last appearance Grand Master
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Yuichi Nakamura
Japanese name ソルーシュ
Nicknames Sorūsh the Swift
Gender Male
Nationality Ades Federation
Occupation Commander of the Senapati
General of the Fourth Fleet


Sorūsh is one of the five leading generals of the Ades Federation. Sorūsh is cheerful and a mood maker. As he was in the same class as Ōrang in military academy, they become close buddies and work well together.

Sorūsh's Fourth Fleet specializes in speed. Having faster battleships give them added agility and mobility, which put them at a great advantage in cavalry tactics involving surprise attacks and pursuit.

He supposedly died on board the Senapati during the episode Automaton after it was attacked by Ōrang. He exclaimed that he had the feeling that this day would come and praised Ōrang for going on his own way. But in episode Triple Rook he was still alive, meaning that he survived in Boreas.


  • Sorūsh is an Iranian surname meaning a "messenger angel" or "the voice of the heavens."
  • Sorūsh also tried to date Vasant but was rejected as mentioned by him during the Battle of Boreas.
  • His destiny is similar to that of Mullin Shetland, who seemed dead but reappeared alive later in the series.
  • Sorūsh is believed to be inspired by Admiral Wolfgang Mittermeyer from Legend of the Galactic Heroes, who has the same characteristic, swift operation, and nickname "Wolf der Sturm".