Last Exile
Sunny Boy

Last Exile character
Sunny Boy at the first vanship squadron meeting
First appearance Transpose
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Masaki Aizawa
Dave Mallow
Japanese name サニーボーイ
Greek name Σανι Βοι
Nicknames Nose Hair
Gender Male
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Vanship racer
Vanship pilot

Sunny Boy (サニーボーイ Sanībōi) is a vanship pilot from Norkia he is voiced by Masaki Aizawa (Japanese) and Dave Mallow (English).

Sunny Boy is one of Claus Valca and Lavie Head's largest rivals; Lavie has nicknamed him "Nosehair". He is a competitor for the 75th Norkia Cup Race; though he starts in the third position, behind Hurricane Hawk and Fat Chicken, he ends up winning the gold after Hurricane Hawk, Fat Chicken, Claus, and Lavie all drop out.

Sunny Boy is later recruited by the Alliance to participate in the rebellion against the Guild. After training at Horizon Cave, he participates in the successful torpedo attack against a fleet of Guild Presence Ships.

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