Last Exile


Episode Details

  • Episode Title: Transpose
  • Episode Number: 03
  • Series: Last Exile
  • Original Air Date: 4/21/2003
  • English Air Date: 3/9/2004

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The episode opens with a vanship driven by Ralf Wednesday being pursued by a Guild Starfish. Ralf is hit by a bullet shot from the Starfish, but continues flying and manages to make his pursuer crash.

Claus Valca and Lavie Head enter the Norkia Cup race. They begin in last place, but steadily move up until they are neck-and-neck with the leader, Hurricane Hawk. Just when it seems they're about to win the race, however, they and Hurricane Hawk nearly collide with Ralf Wednesday. Ralf crashes, and Claus and Lavie drop out of the race to check on him.

Ralf's navi Gita Rjuna is dead, but his cargo, Alvis E. Hamilton, is still alive. Knowing he is mortally wounded, Ralf asks Claus and Lavie to complete his mission. They are located by the Starfish, which has recovered from its earlier crash. Ralf runs his engine to draw the Starfish's attention away from Claus and Lavie, then self-destructs his vanship. Claus and Lavie escape via a canal, and discover that Ralf's mission was to take Al to Alexander Row, captain of the Silvana.


On the day of the 75th Norkia Cup race, vanship courier Ralph Wednesday is being pursued by several star-shaped fighters and is wounded. Meanwhile, Claus and Lavie pull ahead to challenge defending champion Hurricane Hawk towards the final stage of the race. However, as Claus takes over the lead from Hawk, Ralph’s vanship crosses their path. Hawk’s and Ralph’s vanships crash into the trees, and Claus decides to pull away from the race despite being in the lead. Claus and Lavie find the dying Ralph, who is on a mission to deliver a girl named Alvis E. Hamilton. The two decide to take over Ralph’s job, but are discovered by one of the fighters. To allow Claus and Lavie to escape, Ralph acts as a decoy and sacrifices himself by detonating a bomb near the fighter. Claus and Lavie escape by the river and discover that the girl must be transported to the “Silvana” into the custody of Alex Row.

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  • Transposition in chess employs a switch in tactics. In the episode, Claus switches from the race to his work as a courier, and Alvis is handed over from Ralph to Claus.
  • The title "Transpose" refers to a chess term for shifting the game onto a different opening track from that on which it started. In Transpose, Al shifts from Ralf Wednesday's custody to Claus and Lavie's.