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Profile Pic of Urbanus
Name Urbanus
Japanese name ウルバヌス
Greek name ΥΡΥΒΑΝΥΣ
Ship ordered G.D662, Imperial Capital
Nickname Lord of Anatoray
Sunk G.D665, Disith
General characteristics
Class and type Urbanus-class battleship
Displacement Unknown
Length 217.6 m (713 ft 11 in)
Beam 124 m (406 ft 10 in) not including cutters
Hull width 67.4 m (221 ft 1 in)
Height 97.9 m (321 ft 2 in)
Propulsion Unknown
Speed 151.1 knots (279.8 km/h; 173.88 mph)
Power Lift Claudia Unit and thrust Claudia Unit
Troops 200
Complement 810
Armament 1 × 813 mm (32 in) quad-mount torpedo-style jet-propelled mine launch tube
1 × 813 mm (32 in) fixed, single-mount launch tube
6 × 300 mm (11.8 in) 25-caliber guns
Port and starboard cutters
Armor 356 mm (14 in) on broadsides
Aircraft carried 1 jumbo vanship
Aircraft facilities 1 vanship lift

The Urbanus is the first of the six Urbanus class vessels constructed by Anatoray.

Technology & Combat Characteristic[]



Creation & Production[]

The Urbanus-class was designed to be a new type of ship, utilizing a Claudia reactor akin to the type that powers vanships rather than a standard Claudia Unit, thus denying the Guild control over the ships.

Anatoray-Disith War[]

Urbanus Battle-Fleet Vs Silvana[]

The Urbanus is initially captained by Vincent Alzey. However, after the disastrous battle against the Silvana in the Dragon's Fangs results in the loss of the other five Urbanus-class vessels, Vincent is relieved of command and the Urbanus is given to Frederick.

After the death of the Emperor and ascension of Sophia Forrester to the throne, command of the Urbanus is returned to Vincent. As the only two ships without Guild-controlled Claudia Units, the Silvana and the Urbanus undertake the mission to capture Exile.

The Urbanus is one of the Alliance ships to participate in the final battle against Maestro Delphine Eraclea. The ship is brought down by Exile's tentacles, but Vincent and some of the crew are able to escape before it is destroyed.

The Hunt for Exile & Destruction[]

Anatoray-Turan Alliance Vs Ades Federation[]

After the defeat of the Guild, Anatoray engineers repaired the severely damaged ship and returned it to working order for Vincent Alzey to command. With Exile ready for transport, the Urbanus traveled to Earth as part of Anatoray's defense against potential hostiles. However, for unknown reasons, even though engineers have full access to Guild technology, none of its systems were enhanced in any way than its original specs other than making it capable of diving underwater just like the Silvius.

Shortly after reaching an alliance between Anatoray and the Turan Kingdom, the very capital warships that Fam Fan Fan stole for Princess of Turan all turned against them by the Ades Federation and the Urbanus was forced to flee against superior numbers.

After retreating the Urbanus was also boarded by the Assasination squad led by Alauda with the intent of capturing Alvis Hamilton.

Later on the Urbanus returns with Silvana and the Anatoray battle fleet to aid the Alliance against the Grand Exile and the First fleet guarding the Luscinia.

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