Last Exile

Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing character
Vasant in the Morvarid palace.
First appearance Light Square
Last appearance Queening Square
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Fumiko Orikasa
Japanese name ヴァサント
Nicknames Amethyst of Chaos
Gender Female
Nationality Ades Federation, formerly Chaos
Occupation Commander of the Anaitis
General of the Fifth Fleet

Vasant is a Chaosian and one of the five leading generals of the Ades Federation.

Vasant was once the scion of Chaos, a nation which opposed the Ades Federation, during which time she was known as "the Amethyst of Chaos". However, she has since become a loyal subject of Sārā Augusta.

She commands the Ades Fifth Fleet, which shoulders the main responsibility of defending Morvarid and has a reputation of making it an impregnable fortress.

Due to her gentle but affable personality, Vasant was well trusted and holds other important responsibilities on top of her main duty as a commanding general.

Despite her loyalty she has growing concerns about Luscinia Hāfez's aggressive campaign against the other nations which might label Sara as a tyrant, to the point of questioning whether the unification war is really necessary. After the death of her beloved subordinates and people from the Chaosian fleet, she went on a secret meeting with the remnants of the Glacies rocket fighter force and plots a rebellion against Luscinia Hafez in order to avenge the deaths of her people, she then influenced Sara Augusta to issue decrees against Luscinia Hafez, and wrote a letter to Millia asking her support in the rebellion.

Vasant was killed by Luscinia when she attempted to prevent him from abducting Augusta Sara.


  • Vasant's name comes from the Sanskrit word meaning the season of spring.
  • Vasant was the last surviving Chaosian.
  • Vasant was a beauty highly regarded by Ades soldiers as mentioned by Sorush, and one time was asked by him on a date but she rejected him.